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About Comdance

COMDANCE The international dance community for everyone

Anyone can dance and at COMDANCE, it’s our mission to find the style that suits you.

The COMDANCE global community is made up of teachers and studios around the world who can help you explore a multitude of dance genres and choose the one you like best.

Joining a dance class is a great way to meet new people – plus you get to dance with them! COMDANCE is one big family – and you’re welcome to join us any time.

When you’ve been dancing for a while, you might like to challenge yourself. COMDANCE teachers are fully accredited and will help you prepare for examinations and competitions which lead to formal qualifications and maybe an exciting international career.

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Dance is our business.

  • Our overriding mission is to encourage the art of dance by offering a window of opportunity to experience and enjoy dance along with providing professional dance careers and choices.
  • COMDANCE is one of the world’s great international dance societies proudly serving dance for over 85 years.


A society where all members and stakeholders feel engaged, connected and valued.

  • Continue a commitment to global growth by the development of innovative and inspiring syllabi and workshops.
  • Develop an appreciation, understanding and opportunity for experience in all facets of the dance industry.
  • Provide training and resources for dance teachers that develop strong technique, sound educational paedology and accountable and ethical teaching standards.
  • Apply the four E’s that are the basis of our syllabi, Expression, Enjoyment, Encouragement and Education, in all our syllabi, teacher training and examination and competition work.
  • Provide both examination and performance opportunities.
  • Continue to reflect on procedures, processes and products to ensure we remain one of the world’s leading dance societies.


COMDANCE is a global dance community established in 1933 by Melbourne dancer Dorothy Gladstone.

  • Ms Gladstone began teaching dance in the Victorian Railways Institute building in Flinders Street around 1921. In fact, she had a permanent booking in room 56 for over 60 years. Her classes were enjoyable and popular with children and their parents and so Ms Gladstone decided to establish a dance society to raise standards and offer qualifications in ballroom dancing.
  • She visited London - the home of this popular dance genre - where she learned how the British had standardised the techniques and teaching of this dance style. Ms Gladstone returned to Australia and by 1933 had completed her qualifications in Classical Ballet, Highland, Tap, National and Theatre dance.
  • Ms Gladstone saw the needs of teachers and students in these new genres differed from those in the ballroom world and established the National Examination System. This further developed to the Victorian Society of Dance and until recently The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing. Ms Gladtsone developed progressive syllabi for each of the genres, trained other experienced dancers to be examiners and set the standard for those in the Society that followed her to keep abreast of new trends and choreography.
  • Ms Gladstone travelled annually to London and New York where she would gain new ideas from Broadway and West End shows.
  • Ms Gladstone was a member of the Australian Dancing Board from 1931 to 1960. She is acknowledged by the ABD in the Hall of Fame for her ‘outstanding contribution to the growth and achievement of a dance society’.